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Prioritizing your safety with stringent COVID-19 precautions, Conifer Park offers a secure environment for your recovery journey.

Welcome  | Conifer Park

We are committed to provide the safest environment for your treatment experience and the following are our COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS!

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be prevalent within our communities. At Conifer Park/ Arms Acres, we take precautions and preventive measures seriously.

As such, our teams have taken various measures to keep our patients, staff and community healthy and safe. Below is a summary of all actions we have taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus in our facilities.


All newly admitted patients have completed a COVID health screening to identify any potential symptoms or possible exposure. Before entering out agency vehicle, all patients will undergo a mandatory temperature check and additional health screening. ALL passengers will be required to wear a facial mask throughout the duration of travel to the facility. Please note that additional face masks and hand sanitizers are available in all Conifer Park/ Arms Acres vehicles.


Upon admissions to our facility, you will be required to complete the COVID-19 health screening and temperature check again, while continuing to wear a face mask. Additionally, we encourage our patients to follow all outlined CDC precautionary measures, while include increased hand washing, social distancing and use of hand sanitizers.


Wearing masks for both patients and staff may be required given New York State infection rates. If masks are not required, masks will still be available upon request.

We have rapid COVID-19 tests available on-site, (when medically indicated) as an additional measure, which will allow us to quickly test and get results if any patient begins to exhibit symptoms or report exposure.

There is a chance that there may already be some patients in our facility that have been identified as COVID positive and have been placed in isolation in a separate unit/room for a specific period of time. There are other patients at our facility who may become exposed to an individual that tested positive, but may have no symptoms, and they too are place in a separate unit/room for quarantine until cleared by our local Department of Health.

Our vehicles are sanitized daily and our facilities use Clorox 360 via a electro-spraying sanitizer to ensure all areas of the facility are safe.

We take COVID-19 seriously, because you deserve the safest treatment. We are glad you have made the choice of receiving substance use treatment with us. We are honored to be part of your recovery journey.