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Learn about our commitment to excellence in addiction treatment since 1983. Discover our journey, values, and the dedicated team behind Conifer Park.

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Since 1983, Conifer Park Inc. has been pioneering in the realm of chemical dependency treatment, starting as a modest 58-bed facility.

Our impact has been transformative.

Today, we're a leading treatment center in the Northeast, with 225 licensed beds and numerous outpatient locations. Annually, we provide a wide spectrum of services to countless individuals, embracing a holistic and tailored approach to rehabilitation.

"Quality care for every individual" – this is our commitment at Conifer Park.

Under Liberty Behavioral Management Corp since 1995, we've enhanced our focus on exceptional care and innovative treatments. We’re a privately-owned entity, free from external pressures, allowing us to concentrate solely on impactful, long-term healthcare solutions.

We invite healthcare professionals, organizations, and anyone passionate about changing lives in addiction treatment to join our journey at Conifer Park.

Our Values

1. Compassionate Care

At the heart of our mission is compassionate care. We believe in treating each individual with kindness, respect, and empathy, creating a nurturing environment that fosters healing and growth.

2. Integrity and Excellence

Our commitment to integrity and excellence drives us to provide the highest standard of treatment. We're dedicated to ethical practices and continuous improvement in all aspects of our services.

3. Holistic Approach

We embrace a holistic approach to recovery, addressing not just the symptoms but the root causes of addiction. Our programs integrate physical, mental, and emotional health to ensure comprehensive healing.

4. Community and Support

Building a strong, supportive community is vital to our philosophy. We foster a sense of belonging and connection, offering a network of support that extends beyond treatment.

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Patient Rights

Conifer Park upholds the highest standards in patient rights, ensuring respectful, confidential, and ethical treatment for all.

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Access our comprehensive resources to gain insights and support for dealing with addiction and promoting recovery.

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