Co-Occurring/Psychiatric Services

Tailored to individuals with dual diagnosis, our Co-Occurring/Psychiatric Services combine mental health treatment with substance abuse recovery. This integrated approach ensures comprehensive care for both mental health and addiction.

Conifer Park does not offer distinct or separate units for people living with mental health conditions, but we do understand the link between substance abuse and mental illness including the potential implications that this relationship poses to treatment outcomes. Each patient is assigned a case manager along with a multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals to better meet their needs.

Conifer Park seeks to provide the best possible care while providing services essential to recovery, including:

  • Screening, assessment, and referral
  • Mental and physical health consultation
  • The use of a prescribing on-site psychiatrist or psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Medication and medication monitoring
  • Psycho-educational classes

Staff are sensitive to the additional unique needs of patients with co-occurring disorders and strive to normalize the client’s treatment experience. Upon discharge, patients are provided with a comprehensive after-care plan with special focus on their mental health needs.

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