Activities & Recreation Program

Our Activities & Recreation Program offers engaging and therapeutic activities designed to support healing and recovery. These activities foster community, resilience, and personal growth during the rehabilitation journey.

The Activities Program plays an integral role in the multidisciplinary team approach at Conifer Park. Our mission is to provide patients with the tools necessary to develop a sober leisure lifestyle and rediscover leisure/recreational interests to incorporate in their recovery plan after completing their stay at Conifer Park.

Addition educational programs are also provided.  These sessions are designed to address issues many people in early recovery struggle with, such as sober leisure, stress management, and overall wellness in recovery.

Special events are planned by our Activities Department throughout the year for the holidays, and especially Recovery Month!

Pet Therapy

As a part of the Activities program, Conifer Park is pleased to offer Animal Assisted Activities with our patients. Every week, six dogs of various breeds visit our patients during their time in Activities. They are all Certified Therapy dogs and their handler is with them throughout their visits at Conifer Park. These dogs bring a sense of joy, and connection to our patients, which is much needed!

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