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At Conifer Park in Glenville, NY, discover a serene sanctuary for comprehensive addiction treatment, where our dedicated team pledges personalized care for effective, lasting recovery.

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Why Us?

Choose Conifer Park for its unparalleled approach to addiction recovery. Our facility blends a tranquil, nurturing environment with cutting-edge treatments, individualized programs, and a compassionate, experienced staff. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to accessible, high-quality care, we ensure a supportive journey towards lasting wellness.


Conifer Park is a private, inpatient chemical dependency treatment facility in Glenville, NY.

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Comprehensive Services

Conifer Park offers comprehensive substance use disorder services.

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Easily Accessible

Conifer Park is easily accessible from all major cities in the Northeast. Transportation is available to Inpatient and Detoxification services.

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Beautiful Serene Setting

Conifer Park is located on a beautiful, tranquil setting conducive to recovery.

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Starting the path to recovery is quite possibly the hardest thing an addict must do. Raising your hand and seeking help means you feel truly broken and have run out of options. It can take some of us years of hard running to get to this point, and when it comes, you’re still not fully convinced that you don’t have one more run in you.
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Toni Spera, LMSW
Clinical Director


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