Regional Services

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Conifer Park Regional Services has community relations staff available by region to provide information, assessment, and referral. We assist in answering many questions that a loved one or family member might have on how to proceed in getting someone help or finding local recourses in their particular area. We also provide training for professionals, union organizations, school personnel, and parent groups. Our Regional staff covers New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont and are available 7 days a week. For further information regarding program information or the referral process, please feel free to contact us.

New York Region

Vice President of Business Management

Michael Kettle

Director of Business Development

Carly Gallagher
Phone: (585) 737-2214

Central Region

Aris Dysert
Phone: (315) 313-0341

Western Region

Kaitlin Ripple
Phone: (585) 278-4111

Director of Regional Services

Colleen Callaghan-Kirkland
Phone: (315) 729-3218

Capital Region

Joanne Egnaczyk/Gonda
Phone: (518) 265-1465
Phone: (518) 901-6727

New Jersey Region

New Jersey

Naura Slivinsky
Phone: (845) 222-4338

Connecticut Region


Naura Slivinsky
Phone: (845) 222-4338

Massachusetts Region


Colleen Callaghan
Phone: (315) 729-3218

Vermont Region


Colleen Callaghan
Phone: (315) 729-3218

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