The Conifer Park Admissions Department can be reached at 800-926-6433 and is dedicated to assisting those experiencing difficulties with Substance Use Disorder.

Patients may call us on their own, or be referred by family, physicians, employers, health care agencies, school personnel, legal professionals, insurance companies, and or private practitioners. Treatment is covered by most third-party payors, health plans, and Medicaid. However, in the event that a health care plan does not cover this level of care, a self-pay agreement can be discussed and implemented based upon need.

Conifer Park makes every attempt to accommodate our patients with varying types of disabilities. Please inform us in advance about any accommodation needs you may require, such as American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, in order for Conifer Park to help you access our services.

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Patient Confidentiality & Privacy

Because Conifer Park operates completely confidential alcohol dependence and substance abuse programs, please be aware that we can neither confirm nor deny the participation of any person in one of our programs without the properly executed written consent of the person inquired about.

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