Detoxification and Crisis Counseling

Conifer Park provides medically supervised detoxification and crisis counseling services to patients on our withdrawal and stabilization unit.

This program  is designed for patients experiencing withdrawal symptoms, including physical or psychiatric complications, associated with chemical dependence.


General services for clients admitted into Conifer Park’s withdrawal and stabilization unit include:

  • Medical Evaluation: a history and physical (H&P) is provided to our patients along with ongoing medical care and monitoring. Clients are provided with the opportunity for nursing education to better help stabilize and provide a higher success rate for completing treatment.  
  • Psychosocial Evaluation: patients are provided with a comprehensive drug and alcohol assessment to help determine individualized therapeutic needs and the appropriate level of care, both during and post-treatment.
  • Individual and Group Counseling: patients are provided with group sessions that begin to address questions related to treatment expectations, feelings while withdrawing, mental/physical hygiene, nutrition education, and smoking cessation.
  • Family Programming and Support: Patients are urged to start the initial foundation of family work by conducting family phone sessions with their assigned clinician and loved ones.


Opiate Services:

Methadone assisted treatment is available to patients currently participating in a medication supported recovery program (Methadone) who wish to continue on their Methadone while  receiving treatment services on our detox and or rehab unit  for alcohol or other illicit substances. Patients requesting or being administratively tapered off their methadone must be at a 30 mg dosing level or less upon admission. Methadone is utilized on a case by case basis for individuals who are not involved in a Medication supported recovery program ( Methadone), but will be tapered off the medication prior to discharge from our facility. Chronic pain patients on prescribed Methadone are eligible to stay on their medication if their prescribing physician requests it for pain management purposes and provides supporting documentation.

Suboxone (Buprenorphine) induction and maintenance can be initiated at Conifer Park if the patient accepts a referral to on OASAS outpatient treatment  provider along with supporting documentation from a  X-licensed physician willing to continue to prescribe following discharge.

If you or someone you love are having problems with drinking or drug abuse and are not sure where to turn, or who to talk to, we can help. Taking the first step towards understanding if you or a loved one has a problem is difficult and most people are afraid to reach out and speak to a health care professional about it. All information shared with our staff at Conifer Park is kept confidential and protected by HIPAA and Federal Confidentiality laws in the state of NY. So please, take that first step today, click on the link below….it may just save yours or someone’s life.