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At Conifer Park, we appreciate the strong bond we have with our Alumni. We invite our alumni to take a moment and reflect on your journey of recovery. Share with us how you’re doing. Also, If you’re interested we invite Alumni to come back and share their stories of resilience to inspire others who are currently facing their own addiction struggles. Your story of hope can make a profound impact. Join us as we create a community of strength and resilience, united in the pursuit of a healthier and brighter future. We would love to hear your story of recovery! Please fill out this form.


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Let Us Help You!

If you or someone you love are having problems with drinking or drug abuse and are not sure where to turn, or who to talk to, we can help. If you or a loved one has a problem with addiction, taking the first step towards recovery is often a difficult. Often, people are afraid to reach out and speak to a health care professional, but we are here to help in any way we can. This is not a process you have to go through alone.

All information shared with our staff at Conifer Park is kept confidential and protected by HIPAA and Federal Confidentiality laws in the state of NY. So please, take that first step today, click on the link below….it may just save yours or someone’s life.

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