Clinical Internship Program

What internships are available?

Arms Acres has relationships with over 33 academic institutions throughout the country. This includes traditional on-site, hybrid and on-line programs.

The Intern Program is available to students studying the following disciplines:

  • Trauma-Informed Clinical Approach
  • Evidence-Based Therapy
  • Dual Diagnosis Specialization
  • Seeking Safety Modality
  • Equine Assisted Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Staff Trained in Military Competency
  • Family Program
  • Acupuncture / Yoga

Application Process

Clinical placements are made by the Coordinator of Clinical Interns in collaboration with the student and the student’s academic field advisor. Please review the following steps with your field instructor:

  • All applicants must be referred by their academic advisor
  • The academic referral must be accompanied by the institution’s “Field Manual and Instructions”. Referrals are to be sent to
  • Applicants must submit their resume along with the Intern Application.
  • Appropriate applicants will be contacted regarding an in-person interview and next steps.
  • Extensive documentation and background checks are required during the review process. Neither the academic institution nor the student will be notified regarding a decision until ALL required background checks are completed and results have been received.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For An Internship?

Arms Acres is pleased to provide this community service and accept student interns for clinical education experience.

Only students matriculated for a degree, certificate, or credentialed program AND are currently attending classes may apply for an Arms Acres, Inc. internship.

Deadlines for application submission are based on the academic school year.

Fall Semester: Last day of April prior to the desired Fall Semester
Spring Semester: Last day of October prior to the desired Spring Semester
Summer Semester: Last Day of February prior to the desired Summer Semester.

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